Address your issue to the key players that matter to you!


Choose the key players that matter to you from our extensive database of about 13,000 power brokers involved in European politics and public affairs: EU officials from the


  • European Parliament,
  • European Commission and DGs,
  • regional and permanent representations,
  • interest groups like NGOs, associations, chambers of commerce
  • and many more…


These include verified and always up-to-date contact data to inform, to invite or just to keep track of the relevant decision-makers.


Enjoy our easy, quick and convenient option of forwarding your order with just a few clicks though our Package Shop! All contact data sets are delivered in MS Excel format, and can be customized on request, which will allow you to effortlessly integrate it into your present database / CRM of addresses.


Our professional research team has long-standing experience and would be delighted to provide technical expertise and knowledge, assist you in compiling and maintaining invitation mailing lists and simply help you with any email marketing or distribution management issues that you may have.


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